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Mint, Collect & Trade Your AI-Artworks

Leverage your digital creation skills by tokenizing your works made from popular AI image generators into NFT on Polygon blockchain >>




PromptSea is building a platform that matches AI-artwork creators with clients who need custom design in shortest time.
  • Soulbound ERC1155 NFT
  • Merkle-Tree Content Protection Scheme
  • Universal Asset P2P Marketplace
Contact us if you want to list the AI-artwork NFTs that minted outside the platform on our P2P marketplace.


Mint AI-artworks in NFTs, which are fully traceable, maximize protection of your creativities.



P2P Marketplace allows anyone trade NFTs with crypto, credit cards or other NFTs.



Browse jobs posted on freelancer board, start earning from your prompt skills.

Pricing Plans
Plan Built For
What you can do with it:
  • Mint Various Types of NFTs
  • Accept Credit Card for Payment
  • Post Bounties To Complete Tasks

Residents of Japan are obligated to pay the consumption tax of 10% when make a purchase with credit cards.

$0 /mo
Artworks, Music, Video
NFT, Crypto, Credit Cards*
Verified Badge
Post a Bounty*
$10 /mo
Artworks, Music, Video
NFT, Crypto, Credit Cards*
Verified Badge
Post a Bounty*
The plans enabling verified users access to services and activities that support your journey in the future of the creative economy and be a priority list to inform regulations and guidance in a market that is rapidly evolving day by day. *Available Soon


Frequent Questions

What does the name 'PromptSea' come from?

'Prompt' is basically a text-to-image prompt which is a common term to describe the final artworks to be generated by the AI while the 'Sea' is usually being the suffixes for NFT trading platform that OpenSea led this space since 2017.

What is PromptSea's mission?
What is NFT?
Who is eligible to use the platform?
I'm new to crypto, what should I do?
Can I trade NFT on other platform?
What if I don't want to reveal my prompt?
What is a refund policy?
I'm a creator, how can I withdraw my revenue?